Nathan Haines "Zoot Allure"

Album artwork for Nathan's Haines' album "Zoot Allure".

This album is a reworked version of Nathan's 2014 album "5 A Day" and the artwork also reflects this, being a reworked version of the original cover photo by Frederike Helwig.

Released on UK label Papa Records, the album also includes two remixes of 'Got Me Thinking' from Opolopo and Bugz In The Attic.

Nathan Haines Zoot Allure Cover 1400px.jpg
  Photo: Papa Records

Photo: Papa Records

Julez 'New Connection'

I was lucky to play synth on 'New Connection', the brand new song from New Jersey artist Julez.
The track was recorded at Brooklyn's Figure 8 Studios and produced/mixed by Sam Barna.
The studio has some great vintage gear and for this track I used a Roland Juno 60, a patch I customized and recorded direct with no MIDI.

Executive Producer: Max Zooi
Producer/Director: Julia Barrett-Mitchell
Director of Photography/Editor: James Rosser Berry
Producer: Julia Fitzgerald
Astronaut/Cloaked Man: Max Zooi
Moon: Hattie Simon
Cloud Nymphs: Kezia Bernard-Nau/Joanna Mitchell
Pedestrians : Julian Joseph, Julia Barrett-Mitchell, Stan Mitchell, Alice Barrett
Production Designers: Roxanne Kratt, Julia Barrett-Mitchell, Max Zooi
Spaceship Builder: Max Zooi
Production Assistants: Adele Oberby/Cade Sadler/Matthew Mattia/Julia Fitzgerald
Studio Manager: Benjamin Heller
Boat Driver: Robert Piscionari
Assistant the the Director: Glen Covell
Computer Animator: Andrew B. White
Stop Motion Animator (1st sequence): Colin Marchon
Stop Motion Animator (2nd sequence): Max Zooi
Special Thanks to the Piscionari Family, Adriane Moreno, and Alicia Bella

Late Slip at Rock! Away! Festival

Late Slip play the second annual Rock! Away! Music Festival on Saturday July 14th at Rockaway Beach, Queens NYC.

There will be an awesome bunch of bands playing across this two-day festival.

Late Slip plays the Riis Beach Bazaar stage at 3pm.

Late Slip Poster Rockaway Festival.jpg

Poster by Andrew B. White, photo by Donny J. Korpi



Leesta Vall Recording

Late Slip at Brooklyn's Leesta Vall studios July 5th,2018. 17 direct-to-vinyl take of three original songs – 'Dry These Tears', 'I'll Be Okay' and 'Never Come Around'. Each song take is a one-off recording, complete with hand-numbered covers and labels. Most of the copies were sold as pre-orders but a few will be available at Late Slip shows.
Special thanks to Leesta Vall engineer Delaney Hafener.

Chelsea Nenni
Bass: Andrew B. White
Drums: Zach Rescignano

Photos by Andrew B. White (group shot by Delaney Hafener).


Late Slip return to Leesta Vall Studios

Late Slip return to Brooklyn's Leesta Vall studios to record three songs direct-to-vinyl. The completely analog process utilizes a vintage 1950s vinyl cutting lathe that cuts the recording in real-time, direct to the vinyl acetate. No multi-track tape, computer recording or overdubs are used in the process.

The three original songs, 'Dry These Tears', 'I'll Be Okay' and 'Never Come Around' will be recorded live in the studio with several takes of each song. The result is a number of unique, one-off 7" records complete with custom cover inserts.

Pre-orders can be purchased direct at Leesta Vall's website.

Many thanks to Aaron Zimmer at Leesta Vall for inviting Late Slip to record again.


Artwork by Andrew B. White, photography by Brandon Riley Miller.

Late Slip at Tender Trap

Late Slip hit Tender Trap in Greenpoint Brooklyn on Saturday June 30th along with Pom Pom Squad (solo set), Smock Frock, DONKNG and Sailor Boyfriend. Should be a rockin' time!

7:30pm doors  / $8 entry

Tender Trap is located at 66 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Late Slip Poster Tender Trap 6_30_18.jpg

Poster by Andrew B. White, photography by Brandon Riley Miller