Diamond Field on Future City Records' "Compilation VI"

Out today, a remix of the forthcoming debut single 'Neon Summer (My Heart Is Wild)' from synthwave act Diamond Field. The track features the vocals of Nina Yasmineh.

This remix is by Vincenzo Salvia and it appears on the Future City Records compilation "VI" featuring 35 synthwave artists.

The full single package will be released soon on Luca Discs / Future City Records with remixes from Phantom Ride, Sunglasses Kid and Who Ha.

For a preview of the single go here


Delete delete 'Between The Lines' (Diamond Field Remix)

Check out the Diamond Field remix of New Zealand electronic pop band Delete Delete's 'Between The Lines':


David Bridie 'Delegate' (Diamond Field Rework)

Now on Soundcloud, here is the Diamond Field rework of David Bridie's 'Delegate' from his 2013 album "Wake".

I contributed a synth part to the original album track and this rework expands on that.


2013 Mobile Photo Awards

My work 'Snowflake' was placed first in the Macro section of the 2013 Mobile Photo Awards.
A great honor to receive! 
The image was taken in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in February 2013 with an OlloClip attached to my iPhone.

Check out all the amazing images at the MPA website.


PHOTOGRAPHY - Article on my work

Here is a link to a recently published article on mobile photography written by Joe Dawson on the stuff website.
It features several of my works.
The article also appeared in a different form in print in December 2013.