Junica 'Everywhere I Go' (Diamond Field Remix)

Here is the newly completed Diamond Field remix for Junica's 'Everywhere I Go' from the album "The Celebration".

Junica is fronted by Nik Brinkman and the "The Celebration" album was released in 2012.
It features appreances from Pip Brown (Ladyhawke), Zowie, Peter Moren (of Bjorn Peter & John), Mike Edwards of Jesus Jones and is a great album.

Here's the remix: 

And here's the Junica album (where you can hear the original version of 'Everywhere I Go'):


Go stop go - 2013 New Zealand Music Awards

Congratulations to Go Stop Go released on Luca Discs whose self-titled debut album has been nominated for the 2013 New Zealand music awards. The nominees are:

Best Gospel/Christian Album
Edge Kingsland ‘Edge Vol.2: Due North’
Go Stop Go ‘Go Stop Go’
Strahan ‘Posters’



Mark Vanilau

Artwork and photography by Andrew B. White for Mark Vanilau singles 'Dark Horizon' and 'Simplicity'.

'Dark Horizon' is to be released soon.
Listen to 'Simplicity' here 



Bibirosi Album Cover

Artwork for Wantok release "Bibirosi" - a collection of songs from PNG performed by Wailliam Takaku and Pidia Kaur Group.

“Traditionally, arts and ceremony were used to pass on beliefs, morality and codes of behaviour. Ceremonial art was integral to the ordering of society. Stories often used environmental metaphors. Tradition was based on a respect for the environment, a harmonious relationship with it. It was not a hierarchical situation in which the environment was secondary, as is the case in a technological age.
Through music we cross the line between life and death”
– William Takaku 

Listen/buy here:




Steve Glen 'Let Loose' (Diamond Field Remix)

New Diamond Field remix of Canadian producer Steve Glen's track 'Let Loose':