New Album Covers

Recent album cover work:

Victoria Girling-Butcher "Summit Drive" Album (Sony Music)


Various Artists "You Must Remember This" 2xCD (Universal Music)


Various Artists "Weekend Sessions 2" 2xCD (Liberation Music)


L.A. Mitchell "The Concept EP" #1 & #2 (Honesty Box Records)


The Crocos "Let's Have Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun" 2xCD (Crocodettes)


Debbie Maples "From This Moment" Album (Debbie Maples Music) 

Various Artists "Tally Ho! Flying Nun's Greatest Bits" 2xCD (Flying Nun Records) 


Janice Bateman "Here I Am" Special Edition (Number 8/EMI Music) 


Bernie Griffen & The Grifters EP (Flaming Pearl Records)


The Warratahs 'Kupe's Tears' Digital Single (Native Tongue)


Mogu "Inagwe" Album (Wantok Muzik)


Various Artists "Wantok Muzik Sampler" (Wantok Muzik)