iPhoneography Exhibition Miami

One of my images has been selected for the First Annual iPhoneography Miami Exhibition.

January 20th - February 17th  2012
Artspace Gallery Miami
8747 s.w. 134th street

The Exhibition will consist of large format photographs taken with the iPhone and edited completely within the iPhone. The show will feature iPhoneographers from around the globe. Only twenty five photographs have been selected from hundreds submitted.

The following artists that have been chosen for this year's exhibition.
Roger Guetta - The Man Who Speaks to Birds
Janine Graf - Let's Be Free Shane Robinson - Are You Still With Me?
Amo Passicos - New York
Catherine Restivo - Meditation~Intention~Reflection
Jen Pollack Blanco - She Always Swims Alone
Carol Rosenthal - Steady
James Clarke - Materva,Yes-Cafe Bustelo,Yes-Medianoche,No
Maria Pereira - Figment of My Imagination
Maria Pereira - Knowing Without Thinking
Karen Divine - Graduation 2
Adrienne Sylver - Water Dream
Sean Hayes - Sol
Robin Sweet - Love Me
Christopher Swink - Image 5747 Untitled
Robert Herold - Calling the Sky
Robert Herold - The Visitation of Mr Horatius
Jennifer Ford - The Paper Ballerina
Daniel Berman - Umbrella Lady NYC
Jennifer Bracewell - Don't Look Down
Lisa Folino - Milos
Anthony Maldonado - Photo_1 Untitled
Andrew B. White - White Cloud
Lisa Pliner - #3 Untitled
MissPixels - 4th of July

This exhibition will continue to be shown from January 20th until the closing on February 17th.

The gallery hours are varied from Monday through Friday and the show is  open and complimentary to the public.

Artspace directors:
Gerardo Gonzalez-Quevedo
Mike Arnspiger