Mark Vanilau

Artwork and photography by Andrew B. White for Mark Vanilau singles 'Dark Horizon' and 'Simplicity'.

'Dark Horizon' is to be released soon.
Listen to 'Simplicity' here 



Bibirosi Album Cover

Artwork for Wantok release "Bibirosi" - a collection of songs from PNG performed by Wailliam Takaku and Pidia Kaur Group.

“Traditionally, arts and ceremony were used to pass on beliefs, morality and codes of behaviour. Ceremonial art was integral to the ordering of society. Stories often used environmental metaphors. Tradition was based on a respect for the environment, a harmonious relationship with it. It was not a hierarchical situation in which the environment was secondary, as is the case in a technological age.
Through music we cross the line between life and death”
– William Takaku 

Listen/buy here:




Tomorrowpeople Remix - Steve Glen 'Let Loose'

New Tomorrowpeople remix of Canadian producer Steve Glen's track 'Let Loose':



David Bridie "WAKE" album out now

David Bridie's new album "Wake" is out now.
I was lucky enough to contribute some synth/keyboards to a couple of tracks on this album.

David says:
“I wanted to forge my own direction on this record, write the best songs I could, joining together all the various influences, gathering together all the musicians I have an affinity with, to come up with something that I could say I was proud of” he says. “I needed to stop being distracted, to lose myself inside the process, and make the best record I could, a record of substance.”

Check out David on the "Wake" tour in Australia, June through August.
All info on his website


Check out the video for album track 'Delegate':



Lascaux Proxy 'Diameter' - New Music Video


This is a music video created for Canadian performance artist Lascaux Proxy. The song is called 'Daimeter'.
It is a collaborative project - the concept, choreography, performance and music is by Lascaux Proxy. The video was shot on an iPhone 4S using FiLMiC Pro and ClassicCam and edited in Final Cut X by Andrew B. White.