NINA YASMINEH 'Dark Heart' (Diamond Field Remix)

Out now on Soundcloud is the Diamond Field Remix of Nina Yasmineh's 'Dark Heart' from her "Dark Heart" EP

The original version of the song made it to #6 on the Drive Radio Top 10 in November 2014.

This is Diamond Field's second remix for Nina Yasmineh (the first being 'Prophecy') and Nina featured as the vocalist on the Diamond Field single 'Neon Summer (My Heart Is Wild)' released on Future City Records.

Nina Yasmineh is currently playing shows in New York City with Diamond Field's Andy Diamond on bass.



Diamond Field on Future City Records' "Compilation VI"

Out today, a remix of the forthcoming debut single 'Neon Summer (My Heart Is Wild)' from synthwave act Diamond Field. The track features the vocals of Nina Yasmineh.

This remix is by Vincenzo Salvia and it appears on the Future City Records compilation "VI" featuring 35 synthwave artists.

The full single package will be released soon on Luca Discs / Future City Records with remixes from Phantom Ride, Sunglasses Kid and Who Ha.

For a preview of the single go here

Junica 'Everywhere I Go' (Diamond Field Remix)

Here is the newly completed Diamond Field remix for Junica's 'Everywhere I Go' from the album "The Celebration".

Junica is fronted by Nik Brinkman and the "The Celebration" album was released in 2012.
It features appreances from Pip Brown (Ladyhawke), Zowie, Peter Moren (of Bjorn Peter & John), Mike Edwards of Jesus Jones and is a great album.

Here's the remix: 

And here's the Junica album (where you can hear the original version of 'Everywhere I Go'):