Star The Moonlight Music Video

Check out the new music video for 'Good Fight' from Brooklyn-based band Star The Moonlight. Directed by Julia Barrett-Mitchell, 'Good Fight' is a multi-media collaboration from several artists including myself. I shot several scenes on the iPhone 7 Plus in 1080p 120fps slo-mo and compiled the spaceship-in-flight scenes using some still stock photos which were then animated in the Plotagaph app on iOS, imported in to Apple Final Cut X where clear-cut stills of the spaceship were added and animated, and finally some engine trails were rendered in Apple Motion and exported at 4K.

Executive Producer: Max Zooi
Producer/Director: Julia Barrett-Mitchell
Director of Photography/Editor: James Rosser Berry
Producer: Julia Fitzgerald
Astronaut/Cloaked Man: Max Zooi
Moon: Hattie Simon
Cloud Nymphs: Kezia Bernard-Nau/Joanna Mitchell
Pedestrians : Julian Joseph, Julia Barrett-Mitchell, Stan Mitchell, Alice Barrett
Production Designers: Roxanne Kratt, Julia Barrett-Mitchell, Max Zooi
Spaceship Builder: Max Zooi
Production Assistants: Adele Oberby/Cade Sadler/Matthew Mattia/Julia Fitzgerald
Studio Manager: Benjamin Heller
Boat Driver: Robert Piscionari
Assistant the the Director: Glen Covell
Computer Animator: Andrew B. White
Stop Motion Animator (1st sequence): Colin Marchon
Stop Motion Animator (2nd sequence): Max Zooi
Special Thanks to the Piscionari Family, Adriane Moreno, and Alicia Bella