Star The Moonlight Music Video

Check out the new music video for 'Good Fight' from Brooklyn-based band Star The Moonlight. Directed by Julia Barrett-Mitchell, 'Good Fight' is a multi-media collaboration from several artists including myself. I shot several scenes on the iPhone 7 Plus in 1080p 120fps slo-mo and compiled the spaceship-in-flight scenes using some still stock photos which were then animated in the Plotagaph app on iOS, imported in to Apple Final Cut X where clear-cut stills of the spaceship were added and animated, and finally some engine trails were rendered in Apple Motion and exported at 4K.

Executive Producer: Max Zooi
Producer/Director: Julia Barrett-Mitchell
Director of Photography/Editor: James Rosser Berry
Producer: Julia Fitzgerald
Astronaut/Cloaked Man: Max Zooi
Moon: Hattie Simon
Cloud Nymphs: Kezia Bernard-Nau/Joanna Mitchell
Pedestrians : Julian Joseph, Julia Barrett-Mitchell, Stan Mitchell, Alice Barrett
Production Designers: Roxanne Kratt, Julia Barrett-Mitchell, Max Zooi
Spaceship Builder: Max Zooi
Production Assistants: Adele Oberby/Cade Sadler/Matthew Mattia/Julia Fitzgerald
Studio Manager: Benjamin Heller
Boat Driver: Robert Piscionari
Assistant the the Director: Glen Covell
Computer Animator: Andrew B. White
Stop Motion Animator (1st sequence): Colin Marchon
Stop Motion Animator (2nd sequence): Max Zooi
Special Thanks to the Piscionari Family, Adriane Moreno, and Alicia Bella

Emel Mathlouthi 'Insanity' Music Video

A music video I edited for Emel Mathlouthi is premiering over at Ladygunn.

'Insanity' is a collaboration with Emel and creative co-director/director of photography Claire Price

Emel is an internationally-renowned Tunisian singer-songwriter best known for her protest songs 'Ya Tounes Ya Meskina' ('Poor Tunisia') and 'Kelmti Horra' ('My Word is Free'), which became anthems for the Tunisian revolution. She has released two albums, performed at the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony and tours the world extensively performing her unique blend of North African and electronic music. Through April and May 0f 2018 Emel will be performing in Europe and Egypt.