End Scene Recording at Leesta Vall

End Scene have been invited to record a series of one-off 7” vinyl records at Brooklyn’s Leesta Vall studios! Leesta Val use a vintage 1950s recording lathe to record artists direct-to-vinyl. There are no overdubs and there is no additional editing made to the recording. Each take is unique live performance and no further copies are made! The one-of-a-kind 7” that we make on the day will be available for sale and you can own one!

You can pre-order a record and have even the band dedicate it to you which will be part of the recording! They will also be hand-numbered and signed by the band, complete with custom covers.

Each 7" is just $25. To pre-order your 7” go to https://leestavall.com/collections/preorders/products/endscene
Pre-orders end October 5th.

Choose from one of three End Scene songs – ‘Old Wooden Boards’, ‘I’ve Been Quiet Too Long’ and ‘Missing’ – or pre-order them all!

Any profits from the sale of these 7”s will go towards recording the upcoming End Scene EP.

The recording session will also be livestreamed via Leesta Vall’s Facebook page so you can watch End Scene make your personal record!

DIMMER - I Believe You Are A Star

I recently worked with Dimmer to repackage their 2001 debut album “I Believe You Are A Star” for a vinyl release.

The album, on Sony Music, was not released on CD at the time.
In 2002 I was nominated for this album in the “Album cover of the Year” category at the New Zealand Music Awards.
For the repackage we were able retrieve the original digital art files from our archive so the repackage involved no re-scanning.
Photographer Mark Smith’s beautiful shots of Auckland’s Alexander Raceway look great at LP size.
We made a few other tweaks for the LP art and it came out great.

Limited quants of the LP are available via Flying Out

Photo: Mark Smith, graphic design: Andrew B. White

Photo: Mark Smith, graphic design: Andrew B. White

Leesta Vall Recording

Late Slip at Brooklyn's Leesta Vall studios July 5th,2018. 17 direct-to-vinyl take of three original songs – 'Dry These Tears', 'I'll Be Okay' and 'Never Come Around'. Each song take is a one-off recording, complete with hand-numbered covers and labels. Most of the copies were sold as pre-orders but a few will be available at Late Slip shows.
Special thanks to Leesta Vall engineer Delaney Hafener.

Chelsea Nenni
Bass: Andrew B. White
Drums: Zach Rescignano

Photos by Andrew B. White (group shot by Delaney Hafener).


Late Slip return to Leesta Vall Studios

Late Slip return to Brooklyn's Leesta Vall studios to record three songs direct-to-vinyl. The completely analog process utilizes a vintage 1950s vinyl cutting lathe that cuts the recording in real-time, direct to the vinyl acetate. No multi-track tape, computer recording or overdubs are used in the process.

The three original songs, 'Dry These Tears', 'I'll Be Okay' and 'Never Come Around' will be recorded live in the studio with several takes of each song. The result is a number of unique, one-off 7" records complete with custom cover inserts.

Pre-orders can be purchased direct at Leesta Vall's website.

Many thanks to Aaron Zimmer at Leesta Vall for inviting Late Slip to record again.


Artwork by Andrew B. White, photography by Brandon Riley Miller.

Late Slip at Leesta Vall

Late Slip recently went into Brooklyn's Leesta Vall studios and recorded two songs direct-to-vinyl for their "Office Sessions". The completely analog process utilized a vintage 1950s vinyl cutting lathe that cuts the recording in real-time, direct to the vinyl acetate. No multi-track tape, computer recording or overdubs were used in the process.

Late Slip performed two original songs, 'Don' and 'Love Me True', live in the studio with five takes of each song to produce a total of ten one-off 7" records complete with signed, custom cover inserts. All pressings are SOLD OUT on the website but there may be a couple for sale at our shows.

Many thanks to Aaron Zimmer at Leesta Vall for inviting Late Slip to record - great fun!

New Album Art - After 'Ours "Odyssey"

I recently put together the artwork for the excellent new album from After 'Ours called "Odyssey".

Made-up of the duo Nick Williams and Michal Martynuik plus a host of top-shelf musicians such as Nathan Haines, Mike Pato and vocalists including Kevin Mark Trail (the Streets), Sharpen Hector (Basement Jaxx), Ange Saunders. The album is a fusion of contemporary jazz/soul/beats. Excellently produced and sounds top-notch.
Comes as a CD in a flexipak and also double 12" vinyl (available November) and of course digitally on Bandcamp etc.
The cover painting is by Jacek Martynuik and photography is by Mary-Anne Thompson and Mark Carter.

Check out After 'Ours here - smooth!

New Album Art - Dave Dobbyn "Harmony House"

Dave Dobbyn is one of New Zealand's most successful and admired songwriters. I had the pleasure to work with him once again for his new album "Harmony House".

Released on both CD and LP formats (as well as digital), the CD is housed in a gatefold cardboard sleeve and the LP is single 12" sleeve with a double-sided insert.
The illustration of the tree house is by Dave.
The front and back cover photography is by myself, the portrait of Dave is by Spid and the inside photos are by Dave, Sam Scott and Luke Buda.
The overall design was intended to be clean and simple.

Always great to work with Dave!

Check out the album here:

New Artwork – Nathan Haines "Vermillion Skies"

Just released is a new album from Nathan Haines Vermillion Skies.
This follows on from last year's The Poet's Embrace and in keeping with that release we designed artwork that fitted the feel of a traditional jazz album without the trap of coming across kitch-retro.
Photography is by Adrian Malloch

Vermillion Skies debuted at #5 in the New Zealand Top 40 album chart (April 5, 2013) between Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake and is available on CD (Super Jewel Box) and limited edtiton 12" LP.

Congratulations are in order for Nathan - The Poet's Embrace won the award for 2013 New Zealand Jazz Album of the Year - the NZ equivalent of a Grammy or ARIA Award. The Poet's Embrace will be released in Europe on the Warner Classics in May 2013.

Watch a video on the making of Vermillion Skies here